Self Love Affirmation Cards

Self Love Affirmation Cards

Affirmation Cards can be downloaded. Powerful self-love cards to help empower and support.

Introducing the Self Love Affirmation Card Deck

If you struggle with self-love, you’re not alone.  

Imagine having a bad day and needing to find some encouragement and empowerment, an answer to the next thing you can do to help yourself feel good, you reach for your self-love card deck, pull a card, and find positive, encouraging and empowering inspiration, deeper meaning and the space to reflect and journal on what comes up for you, so that you know exactly what you need to do next, on your self-love healing journey. 

Self-Love affirmations hold many benefits, from increasing your self-confidence and worth, to attracting the right people for you, you will be filled with positive energy.  Just remember that Self-love is key to living a happy, joyful, healthy, and fulfilled life.  It takes time and practice to cultivate a positive relationship with yourself. Affirmations are personal declarations that can be used to shift negative thinking to more positive and productive thoughts and in turn can create positive change and shifts in your life.

Each card has its own unique meaning, open your mind to new meanings and possibilities and let them guide you towards your next right step.

These Self Love affirmation cards came from inspiration from my own personal journey to self-love healing. Self-love positive affirmations have given me hope, empowerment and a positive mindset around the relationship I had with self-love.  As a therapist I see many of my clients struggle with self-love and how lack of self-love connects to so many factors and influences in their lives and the choices that they make. 

These cards are easy to use.  Simply open your mind and set the intention to receive a healing message.  Pick a card and take the time to reflect on your card.  Each card holds different meanings and you’ll be amazed at how on-point each card is in relation to your current self-love challenge.  Every time you pull a card, you go deeper and deeper with the healing intention of each card.

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These would make a great gift for yourself, or for anyone who you know struggles with self-love.