About me and my story

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My Story… 

From a very young age I was taught to suppress my voice, emotions and my needs.  I was made to feel like I didn’t matter. I was taught to just get on with it.  Most things that I found joy from, were soon criticised, so I learned I couldn’t be me.  I felt completely abandoned, rejected, unloved and not good enough for anything, or anyone and what a lonely place that was.  I started to prove myself in everything I did, to others, over and over and I soon learned it was easier to say yes to everything, even if I didn’t want to, thinking this was going to get me the love, validation and acceptance I craved, to make me feel whole and fulfilled. I lacked in personal boundaries and my self-care was non-existent.

I had a lot of responsibility from a very young age and by the time I was 17, I was running a family business, add into the mix that I was severely stressed, suffering with panic attacks and going through a whole lot of trauma.  By the time I was 19, I became severely depressed, suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia and barely able to function, needless to say I had crashed and burned.  I kept repeating this cycle over and over for years to come.  What I started to realise, was that I was always paying a price for these unhealthy, conditioned learnt behaviours and habits, it had all started to take its toll on my mental and physical health and overall wellbeing. 

I soon realised that something needed to change.  I was living my life for everyone else. I didn’t recognise who I was, it was like looking at someone else in the mirror.  It affected everything I did, from my mental and physical health.  My decision making.  The relationship I had with myself and those around me.  Re-living constant exhausting, painful and abusive cycles of choosing the wrong types of relationships.   Working a job I did not enjoy.  I was constantly looking outside of myself for validation, love and worth, when actually that wasn’t working, it never did, it never would. I realised it had to come from within first, before I could seek any of this in a healthy way, externally.  After much soul searching I made the decision, to re-write my story, change my mindset, change my life and actually live it on my terms and be me.  I realised that this was all sent to me, to learn the lessons from.  They weren’t sent to break me, merely the opportunity for insight and healing. I eventually learned to love myself and see my true value and purpose in life.  I learned the gift of turning, what felt like darkness, into light and used those lessons to grow and flourish into the version of who I was always meant to be and only take the actions necessary to preserve the integrity of my right place on this earth.  I finally freed myself from the stories that no longer served me. I started to take care of my body, mind and soul because I knew that the more that I am and the more that I have, the more I can give to others.   Taking care of myself first allowed good things to flow for me.  I listened to what my body needed and retreated when my body told me to do so, as a way of replenishing my inner and outer resources, this allowed my renewed self, back into the world, so I have more to give. (I also have Human Design to thank for this, as it helped me understand my type and energy and how to use it to my advantage).

I know you can discover and love yourself and be who you truly are, because I’ve done just that. How? By understanding that when you start to discover who you truly are and learn to love and value yourself, you truly allow and empower yourself to be you and you start to attract and manifest greater things into your life.

And I’m truly passionate about showing you how to do it. 

My purpose in life is to share my experiences, wisdom and knowledge to help initiate you into greater hope and a greater meaning in life and teach you what is truly worthy of creating, to liberate your energy and inspire and empower you to take back your power, feel seen, valued and heard, to transform you into discovering who you are, loving and valuing yourself and bringing you back to who you truly are, so you can create the life that truly lights you up. And in turn, spread the love back out into the world, for everyone to heal.

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